Corrola® Dry-blow leave-in Hair Mask

Decreases blow-dry time hair mask

The Corrola leave-in styling hair mask is highly concentrated and smooths, conditions and strengthens while reducing frizz for up to 72 hours.


Why is this hair mask so popular?

Reduces frizz and flyaways for up to 72 hours

Corrola Dry-Blow Leave-in Hair Mask is your secret weapon to achieving fabulous hair. One of its major advantages is its ability to reduce frizz and flyaways for a remarkable 72 hours. Say goodbye to unruly hair, regardless of whether you're facing humid or dry conditions. This incredible hair mask works tirelessly to keep your locks smooth, sleek, and under control.

Cuts down drying time

Not only does Corrola Dry-Blow Leave-in Hair Mask tame frizz, but it also helps you save precious time. With this innovative product, you can bid farewell to extended drying sessions. Designed to be used on dry hair, it eliminates the need for rinsing and minimizes the blow-drying process. Simply apply the mask, style your hair as desired, and witness the magic unfold. Get ready to enjoy beautiful hair without the hassle.

Balances pH levels for healthier hair.

Corrola Dry-Blow Leave-in Hair Mask goes beyond providing cosmetic benefits. It understands the importance of maintaining the optimal pH balance for your hair. With its pH-balancing properties, this mask ensures that your hair remains healthy, strong, and resilient. By keeping the pH levels in check, it promotes a favorable environment for hair growth and prevents potential damage.

How to Use?

Apply a very small amount to hair, concentrating product on your mid-length to ends. Style as desired.

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