Corrola® hair Developer

1000ml hair oxidant

Achieve stunning hair color results with Corrola Hair Developer. This specially formulated developer works in tandem with hair dyes and bleaching powders to deliver vibrant and long-lasting color. Its gentle formulation helps minimize damage to the hair while providing excellent coverage and optimal results.

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Advanced Color Technology

Corrola Hair Developer utilizes cutting-edge color technology to deliver exceptional results. Its innovative formula ensures vibrant and long-lasting color, providing hairstylists with the ability to create stunning and enduring hair transformations. The use of advanced color technology sets Corrola Hair Developer apart from other products in the market.

Customizable Options

Corrola Hair Developer offers a range of customizable options to cater to the unique needs and preferences of hairstylists. It provides various developer strengths, allowing stylists to achieve precise control over the level of lift and color intensity. With Corrola Hair Developer, hairstylists can unleash their creativity and tailor the coloring process to suit each client's requirements.

Damage Mitigation

Corrola Hair Developer prioritizes the health and integrity of the hair. Its formulation includes ingredients that help mitigate damage caused by the coloring process. By using Corrola Hair Developer, hairstylists can confidently provide hair treatments without compromising the overall health and condition of their clients' hair.

Ease of Use

Corrola Hair Developer is designed to be user-friendly and convenient for hairstylists. It features a smooth and creamy consistency that ensures easy application and even distribution. The developer's user-friendly nature saves time during the coloring process, allowing stylists to work efficiently and achieve consistent, professional results.


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