Corrola® hair Bleaching powder

up to 9 levels of llift

Experience a dust-free and drip-free hair bleaching process with our advanced formula. Achieve up to 9 levels of lift while minimizing damage to your hair, leaving you with beautifully lightened locks.

Corrola Hair Bleaching Powder is an exceptional product designed to provide professional-grade hair lightening results with minimal damage. 

product details

Dust-free and non-dripping formula

Unlike traditional bleaching powders, Corrola Hair Bleaching Powder is specifically formulated to be dust-free, ensuring a cleaner and more pleasant application process. It also doesn't drip, allowing for precise and controlled application.

Up to 9 levels of lift

This bleaching powder offers impressive lifting power, capable of lightening your hair up to 9 levels. Whether you want subtle highlights or a dramatic transformation, Corrola Hair Bleaching Powder delivers exceptional lightening results.

Low hair damage

nderstanding the importance of hair health, Corrola has developed a formula that prioritizes minimizing damage to your hair. While lightening can cause some degree of damage, this bleaching powder is formulated with ingredients that help reduce the potential harm, leaving your hair in better condition.

Professional-grade performance

Trusted by hairstylists and salon professionals, Corrola Hair Bleaching Powder meets the highest standards of quality and performance. Its reliable formulation ensures consistent and even lightening, allowing for precise and predictable results.


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